About Us

Who We Are

SUCCA AFRICA Ltd is a company registered in and incorporated under the laws of Ghana. We provide management consultancy services for businesses around the world specifically in the areas of Sustainability/EGS, Business Improvement Services, Asset Management and Supply Chain Optimisation.

Our capable specialists and professionals are on standby to respond to all client requests with utmost promptness and professionalism. We believe that in the wake of advanced business environment and growing needs of organizations, a vibrant business consultancy service is essential if organizations are to survive the growing challenges that come with technology, transition to net zero and its related issues.

We come in to provide the kind of solutions needed in managing emerging organizational challenges.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to:
•Delivering exceptional sustainability, business improvement, project, and asset management services through building strong partnerships

•Leveraging local expertise and global best practices to help businesses operating in Africa achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the development of local communities while protecting the environment.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of management consulting services in Africa:
•Delivering innovative solutions that enhance business performance

•Drive social responsibility

•Protect the environment.


• Transparency • Integrity • Good Governance • Passion • Accountability.


The environment plays a crucial role in the sustainability of life as we know it here on Earth. All living things depend on the planet’s resources to survive and, if humans continue to pollute and over-use these resources, they may be completely destroyed or depleted in a matter of years. Recently, a number of environmental issues have risen to new heights, affecting economies and policies worldwide. 

The world is suffering from—and contributing to—these effects. From air pollution to the depletion of non-renewable resources, nations are beginning to recognize and address environmental issues within its borders. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the current environmental issues in the world, how it may be exacerbating these problems and what countries may do to resolve them.


Each year, the world population grows. And each person, statistically speaking, requires an additional acre of land and highways. This rapid influx of people has increased the demand for urbanization, resulting in a troubling rise in deforestation as we seek to find more land on which to build. Of course, using the land to house more and more people means less open land and farmland, more overcrowding and a huge loss of biodiversity and animal habitats all over the world.



The varying definitions of environmental sustainability generally lead to more questions about what role humans should play. For example, as an evolutionary species, how should we change the way we live and conduct business on this planet to ensure it’s sustainable for future generations?

Many also wonder if it’s possible to utilize business as the catalyzing force behind this change because financial success can be tied to ecological and societal success, and vice versa. Individuals have a role to play, but so do institutions that contribute to the cause on a larger scale. The ways in which we can all live more sustainably can take many forms, such as:

  • Reorganizing living conditions in the form of eco-villages, eco-municipalities, and sustainable cities
  • Reappraising economic sectors (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture or work practices, such as sustainable architecture
  • Developing new technologies (green technologies, renewable energy, etc.)
  • Making adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources

Tackling climate change

The world is changing dramatically due to climate change. We’re taking action to protect life on Earth for future generations.

What we are doing..

Tackling air pollution

Clean air is essential for a healthy life but across Africa, levels of air pollution are far above legal limits. Children, older people and people on low incomes or from ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected. We’re fighting hard to protect everyone’s right to breathe clean air.

Pushing for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Increasingly, we are seeing the impact of climate change across the world. Sea level rise, droughts and an increase in natural disasters are just some of the effects of a changing climate. These threats hit the most vulnerable communities the hardest. We’re using the law to hold governments to account for failing to take urgent action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Protecting our rights

We promote robust, inclusive laws that uphold the rights of forest-dependent communities. We’re pushing for the prevention and mitigation of human rights and environmental impacts of global supply chains. We’re promoting the right to information and access to justice so the human rights of those most affected by environmental destruction are protected.

people a year are forced from their homes because of climate change.
active cases tackling the most pressing environmental challenges
ambitious vision - a future where people and planet thrive together

A future in which people and planet thrive together isn't just possible - it's essential.

We’re working to protect life on Earth.