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The aim is to carry our activities (both profitable and non-profitable) promote sustainability and ESG in other to protect the planet and its systems. 

Together we fight the climate change

Overview of the company

SUCCA Africa is a management consulting firm with speciality in the following areas: 


Forest Resources

It is estimated that over 90 percent of Ghana’s high forest have been logged since the late 1940s. The rate of deforestation is 5 percent in off-reserves and 2 percent in onreserves. The off-reserves have been seriously degraded and fragmented to less than 5 percent of the forested area 83,489km2. The current deforestation rate is about 22,000 hectares (ha) per annum. Ghana, therefore, may face future export deficits and there is the likelihood that the country’s forestry sector will die out.

Fresh Water

Available data suggests that Ghana is not under water stress. Indeed surface water resources, including the Volta Lake constitute about 5 percent of the total land area. There is, however, a serious problem of uneven distribution of water, leading to perennial water shortages in many parts of the country, especially during the dry season. Inadequate industrial and domestic wastewater management has resulted in the pollution of most surface water resources in the country. Prominent among these are the rivers that flow through urban areas.

Environment and Human Health

There has been some overall gain in health over the past 30 years. Life expectancy at birth has improved from 45 years in 1984 to 55 years in 2000. Many water-borne and water-related diseases are however on the rise due to poor domestic environmental  management and industrial pollution. Malaria remains endemic in the country despite several control measures. Incidences of cholera are also recorded every year especially during the rainy season.




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